Residential Scaffolding in Seaford

Searching in Seaford for reliable, secure and economical residential scaffolding? It doesn’t matter the type of work you want to do around the house, if it requires scaffolding, Ace Scaffolding can deliver cost effective solutions for your purposes.

Our team members are professionally qualified and have a great deal of experience in residential scaffolding.  Every scaffolding solution we deploy, we do so using high-quality materials and at reasonable prices.

Scaffold hire

Ace Scaffolding are scaffolding solutions contractors in Seaford. We provide scaffolding solutions for all kinds of domestic work, whether short-term or long-term. We deliver highly competitively priced scaffolding hires.

We have a first class workforce of scaffolders, all highly trained by CITD, so that we can deliver a high level of quality and safety at a low cost.

Our Guarantee

  • Over Six Years Experience
  • Unrivaled Experience
  • An Exceptional Service
  • Unbeatable Value For Money
  • Industry-approved Scaffolders
  • A Full Range of scaffolding Services
  • Professional, Reliable and Diligent
  • 100% Safety and Satisfaction


We specialise in providing a full scaffolding solution for all your residential projects. Our business is based on quality workmanship and competency, as we make sure all projects are completed on schedule, on budget, and to the highest levels of health and safety. With more than 10 years of industry experience in Seaford, we’re the preferred option to get your residential scaffolding done.

Residential scaffolders

Our people are not just skilled at what they do, they are also known for paying attention to detail, which is why we are chosen by lots of domestic clients in Seaford. We employ qualified scaffolders who receive regular training reviews and competence assessments which makes us have one of the best scaffolding teams in the Seaford. Our scaffolders are competent in all types of scaffolding systems, including conventional tube and fittings. We understand that the concept of one-size-fits-all rarely works in today’s job site. We have a team of professional scaffolders who have been working for decades in the local area and who not only possess the expertise but the resources required to take on jobs of any scale.

As a leading scaffolding contractor in the area, we understand how important health and safety in the workplace is, and we go out of our way to ensure that we meet the highest standards of health and safety.

Residential scaffolding services

Our safe and reliable scaffolding facilities are frequently relied upon by hundreds of domestic customers.  Our years of experience providing affordable scaffolding solutions in the area has helped us build a sound reputation in the area as the company to go to for safe domestic scaffolding equipment. It doesn’t matter the size or scale of your construction project, we can definitely handle it.

We tailor our services to meet the needs of the customer – whether you need your premises to be redecorated or a domestic customer needing to provide safe access to construction workers carrying out external refurbishment works – our scaffolding services are built around your needs and the timeframe of the project as a whole.

Scaffolding Types

We are experts in providing scaffolding to customers in the industrial and commercial sectors and can deliver all scaffolding types including access scaffolding supports and bespoke work.

Scaffold Design & Planning

We even offer bespoke scaffolding designs when needed and can take on projects or any size or scale. Here in Seaford and surrounding areas, we provide an extensive scaffold design, erection and dismantling service for commercial and private customers. We can also provide technical drawings and plans if you need them. If you have a specific requirement, we would love to discuss your plans with you so that we can create a custom scaffold design at reasonable prices.

Scaffolding for Extensions

Our products and services in the Seaford area includes scaffolding hire, wood framed homes, temporary roofs, marine scaffolding, expansions, new buildings, and many other projects. Our experts have more than 10 years of industry experience servicing domestic and commercial customers on every kind of project, ranging from small renovations to large scale re-roofing works and lots more.

Most of our work is repeat business for cladding, additions, new building and structural engineering sites, repairs to chimneys, and roofing upgrades. We have a range of scaffolds and towers that would be perfect for roofing repairs, building extensions and painting.

Scaffolding for New Builds

Our people here in Seaford have the skills and resources to deliver scaffolding projects at really reasonable prices. When it comes to scaffolding, we are specialists in both domestic and industrial new construction, renovations, extensions, temporary roofs and listed buildings. Our expertise in providing custom built scaffolding is what you need when you have any  types of domestic works, such as building renovations, new houses, and renovations.

Access Solutions & Confined Spaces

Ace Scaffolding is the company to call when you need access solutions to reach confined spaces, when you want to work at height, and for safety devices. We can get you the most suitable access tower for the project you are working on, no matter where in Seaford your project is.

Birdcage Scaffolding

We provide major contracting scaffolding services from new build housing to commercial sector works, temporary roofing, domestic renovations, chimney stacks, edge protection, crash decking and birdcages. We always ensure our client’s 100 percent satisfaction with the scaffolding services we offer in Seaford, from erecting birdcage scaffolding to conducting scaffolding inspections or access towers removal. We achieve this by making sure all our services are carried out at the highest standard. If you want workers to easily work from inside a building or structure, our birdcage solution will come in handy.

Birdcages can also be used as crash decks when constructing new buildings to keep workers from falling into the building.

Chimney Scaffolding

Modern scaffolding systems are typically multi-purpose, ideally for narrow spaces or areas that are almost impossible to reach, like around chimneys, which is why our full range of residential scaffolding options also cover birdcage scaffolding, tower scaffolding, and chimney scaffolding that allows for ease of access. Our professionals are always able to assist you.

Temporary Roofs & Coverings

We offer temporary roofing solutions and scaffoldings for residential projects located in or around Seaford, supported by our in-depth knowledge of the Scaffolding Industry.

Our professionally qualified team can guarantee the best quality scaffolding for any project you are working on. If you are in need of quality scaffolding designed and assembled by trained professionals, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Short term scaffold hire

Do you have short-term contracts anywhere in the city and require the right scaffolding equipment for your work? We can deliver just what you need anywhere in Seaford. Our procedures are versatile enough to meet the needs of every client, since we are aware that there is no one-size-fits-all for most projects.

Long term scaffold hire

We can deliver long-term hires of access scaffolding equipment for different customers irrespective of project size. Wherever in Seaford our clients require our services, we are flexible enough to install scaffolds there.

scaffolding supplies

Let us handle every aspect of the scaffolding of your project, from designing the scaffold type to installation and removal at the end of the project.  We also keep an extensive stock of lightweight alloy tower builders’ trestles, ladders, acrow-props and scaffolding boards, all for customers who want to hire.

scaffolding construction

Our people have some of the best certifications in the industry, including the CISRS certificate, and they are also highly experienced. All of our work is performed to the highest level of industry standards, delivering safe security and reassuringly professional design and construction to every client.

Shrink Wrapping

Our innovative waterproof shrink wrap system is designed to keep your construction project safe from damage by rain. This means there is no delay in project time because of bad weather. We ensure we keep to time, we don’t use weather as an excuse to delay your project, we all keep to time.

Commercial scaffolding

Commercial scaffolding is a major part of our business here at Ace Scaffolding, providing industry standards to our clients. We’ve gained a credible reputation thanks to all our years of working in the scaffolding industry, so you can be at peace that we will deliver with premium quality.

Industrial Scaffolding

With over 10 years of carrying out work across the Seaford, we have become the leading choice for industrial scaffolding. We have been developing customised access solutions for industrial scaffolding systems for a variety of industrial sites, thus ensuring optimum security for the workers and the public.

Mobile Scaffolding

With over 10 years of carrying out work across the Seaford, we have become the leading choice for industrial scaffolding. We have been developing customised access solutions for industrial scaffolding systems for a variety of industrial sites, thus ensuring optimum security for the workers and the public.

Scaffolding contractors

Ace Scaffolding is one of the Seaford’s most well regarded independent scaffolding contractors. We are experts in long-term repair contracts for residential and commercial facilities and fast track building projects, especially when it comes to scaffolding and access solutions.

Scaffolding erection

We are also able to assist with the assembly and dismantling of working access or DIY project scaffoldings. It is our responsibility to ensure that the scaffolding is erected in the right place and at the right configuration so that the work is done without delay.

Scaffold design

As a result of our years of experience designing scaffolds for unique projects, this business is something we have become experts in, creating innovative designs that will meet your projects requirements. If you want it, we can give you a 3D preview of what your scaffolding project will look like after doing AutoCAD designs.

Access equipment

We can supply and construct access scaffolding and work platforms custom built for your exact needs, giving you the safest and most effective solution when it comes to access equipment hire.



We employ only highly experienced and capable personnel all of whom are CITB trained and hold current CISRS registration. The Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS) regulates our professional team of CSCS cards carrying scaffolders.

Quality scaffolding

We believe that a good business is not only friendly, reliable, and efficient but should also deliver quality workmanship together with competitive prices that you can rely on. We are proud to be the scaffolding partner of choice for an increasing number of local councils and social housing providers who trust us to deliver on quality service and value.

Competitive prices

Our success is down to our reliability and competitiveness, arriving on site when we say we’re going to, always meeting site plans and giving excellent value for money. For competitively priced scaffolding platforms erected promptly by CISRS registered scaffolders with XXX million public liability insurance, please contact our friendly and helpful team at Ace Scaffolding. Need help? Our experts are prepared to speak with you. We also provide consultation on problems related to scaffolding.

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Qualified specialists

All our staff are fully qualified and insured, so you can be certain that our work is carried out to the highest standard. For over 10 years we have been providing scaffolding hire that help you safely access sites and with our experienced and fully qualified operatives – trained to the highest CISRS FASET standards – all to your peace of mind. With our qualified and experienced workforce, our aim is to provide commitment safety and a quality to all our customers at all times.

Emergency Service

We are available to provide immediate assistance to residential customers at any time of the day.  When it comes to emergency shoring work and temporary roofing, we are experts. In Seaford, our facility is conveniently located so that we can satisfy our customers ‘ needs and do it effectively. And you can trust us to help, regardless of whether you are a residential customer or business that needs emergency assistance.

Safety Standards

We do all our work with excellence and in compliance to industry standards of safety and effectiveness, in order to produce excellent results for you.


All of our staff are fully trained and the company meets all regulations and standards. We work to all legislative standards, operational procedures and health and safety regulations to help put your mind at ease.

Work height

Our topmost priority is the health and welfare of our team members, the client, and the general public. We are able to deliver solutions for anything relating to flooring and roof edges where there is risk of people or material falling.

Health & safety

Our operations revolve around proper health and safety and we make sure to meet every legal requirement. All our people know to comply with the scaffolders TG 20 standards. We also make sure to avoid delays without compromising on health and safety.


The cost of our scaffolding project is determined by the scale, type and how difficult the project is, because every project has specific demands and requires specific heights of expertise The cost of the service can also be affected by how you will need the scaffolding system and the sophistication of the installation process. We can offer you a free quote, call us today.

Public liability

Our services are all backed by insurance, and we boast of public liability cover of up to XXX million pounds. We don’t joke with the welfare of people that work for us, neither do we joke with the welfare of clients and members of the public. This explains our popularity in the area and how people rely on us for scaffolding solutions over the years.

Hire rates

If you would like a free no obligation quote, we will be happy to assist you and give you free advice to make sure your work is carried out safely and to a cost you will be happy with. If you are undertaking some form of residential or commercial construction project, our inexpensive and skilled scaffolding services is what you need to ensure that your project is finished on schedule and in a safe manner.

Delivery rates

Our hire rates and delivery charges are some of the best in the scaffolding hire industry. When you employ us to manage the delivery of scaffolding facilities, you can be assured that our scaffolding management team would propose a suitable plan for completing any project scale.


To learn more about the full range of our scaffolding facilities, please call us on 01323 315 002 to address your specifications in more detail.


Do you have to be qualified to erect scaffolding?
Although tags are not a legal requirement, the law mandates inspection of scaffolding where a person may fall 2 m or more and a report upon completion from a qualified person.
Can anyone erect a scaffold tower?
Only people who are trained to are allowed to erect and dismantle scaffoldings. However, companies can give instructions to workers so that they know how to use the equipment properly.
How long does Scaffolding take to erect?
It takes from 2 to 48 hours to assemble scaffold, depending on the type of scaffolding.
At what height do I need a scaffold?
In construction activities, the height of the threshold is 6 feet above a lower level, but for those in the general industry, the height of the scaffold should be minimum 4 feet above a lower level. You should put fall protection on your scaffolding at minimum 10 feet.
How high can a tower scaffold go?
A tower scaffolding can reach up to 12 meters, providing a stable platform for people to work from.
How much does it cost to rent scaffolding?
The rate for hiring scaffolding is not fixed. It is typically influenced by a number of factors such as the size, complexity of installation, and how you want to hire – in part or in full.
Do you have to tie off on a scaffold?
When using a suspended scaffolding system, it is recommended that any time you use it, you tie off. Workers must be tethered to a safety mechanism independent from the scaffold when working on scaffold suspended from one or two points.
How much weight can a scaffold hold?
A typical Scaffold will carry 875 pounds, approximately 250 pounds each for three persons, and 125 pounds of instruments and working equipment.
What is the minimum weight scaffold planking must be able to support?
Scaffold planking must be able to withstand its own weight and the load must not be more than four times as heavy.
Can you scaffold in the rain?
You should never move or repair a scaffold without proper training in the erection of scaffolds. It is also not a good idea to do any work from a scaffold when it is raining of when there is a heavy wind. Workers can be blown off.
At what height do you need to wear a safety harness?
Currently, the legislation mandates contractors to supply building construction workers with fall protection on a walking or working surface with an exposed edge that is 6 feet or higher than the lower stage.
How can I prevent falls while putting up scaffolding?
An advanced rail system will help prevent people falling off scaffoldings. Where this is not practicable, workers should wear harnesses to arrest their fall.

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