Suspended Scaffolding in Seaford

Ace Scaffolding in Seaford provides residential, commercial and industrial services. All services are affordable and high-quality.  Our experienced team of scaffolders are properly trained to install and design suspended scaffolding systems in a secured and safe manner.

We deliver premium scaffolding solutions in the greater Seaford area. Our services cover the entire A27 area.   You not only enjoy the help of our professional management team but also find that our employees are CITB and CISRS-certified scaffolding experts. Contact us today on 01323 315 002.


Ace Scaffolding has been offering suspended scaffolding services to customers across various industries, from residential, to commercial and industrial in Seaford. We handle every project with the same level of expertise, irrespective of the project size. Our professionalism and success have seen us consistently rank amongst the UK’s Top Scaffolding Firms, standing strong as experts in short-term and long-term scaffold hire, industrial scaffold service, fast-track construction and maintenance contracts. We are committed to offering superb services to you in Seaford and along the southern coast.

Our Guarantee

  • Over Six Years Experience
  • Unrivaled Experience
  • An Exceptional Service
  • Unbeatable Value For Money
  • Industry-approved Scaffolders
  • A Full Range of scaffolding Services
  • Professional, Reliable and Diligent
  • 100% Safety and Satisfaction


Our domestic scaffolders are well-trained, with several years of experience in every aspect of scaffolding services for Seaford. For every kind of project, we guarantee a smooth experience, delivering projects on schedule and within budget. We have a team of scaffolders on standby to carry out projects in collaboration with other contractors to help them complete small-scale private property jobs as well as on new construction projects. Our scaffolders have extensive experience in the scaffolding business; making us the go-to choice for many landowners and property developers who need safe and effective installation of suspended scaffolding.

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We provide industrial scaffolding services, such as hire of suspended scaffolding, installation and sales to companies in Seaford and neighbouring towns. We are professional scaffolding contractors who can install suspended scaffolding for various styles of commercial buildings, such as multi-story office buildings and shopping complexes. Our suspended scaffolding structures are completely reliable and meet best-practice standards in the scaffolding industry. With our considerable experience and expertise, we can guarantee client satisfaction with all our scaffolding solutions in Seaford.


Ace Scaffolding provides suspended scaffolding systems for industrial projects in Seaford. We provide customised scaffolding function, solutions, and scaffolding access. In Seaford, we have a large industrial customer base and provide them with the best scaffolding service experience.  We can meet your needs if you need a private, industrial or commercial scaffolding service in Seaford because our team of scaffolders are experienced. We do not compromise on the quality of our services, we put our all into providing perfect scaffolding to our industrial and commercial customers. Our scaffolding services cover clients in Seaford’s utility and food industries.

Component Suspended Scaffold Features

Our scaffolding services cover these features:

Fall Arrest Systems

Our scaffolding solution comes with fall arrest features fixed to a well-constructed anchorage system for scaffolding staff. As part of this design, an immovable line in the cradle may be added if a fall is likely.

Load-limiting Devices

We provide a power-driven suspended scaffold with device-controlled hoists that limit the ultimate lifting power of the hoist. The system ensures the hoist has no capability above 1.2 times the hoist level. We construct suspension architecture and cradle to support the stalling load the operating hoists place on it.  These load-limiting devices serve as a buffer against potential loss triggered by a cradle hitch.


We have WLL clearly marked on our cradles, and we can easily adapt them to satisfy any demand or requirement.


Our trolleys are equipped with a strap which is fitted with low keeper plates or overhead support to keep them firmly attached.


Why should you use Ace Scaffolding Seaford?


We have more than 10 years of experience in the scaffolding industry; ours is a family business with a team of highly trained and experienced scaffolders who are always committed to delivering the best possible scaffolding service to our customers. Our considerable scaffolding experience has seen us complete projects for several building contractors, private property owners, and local councils. The combined experience and speciality of our scaffolding professionals is a guarantee for our customers whether domestic, commercial or industrial in the UK. Our team of scaffolding experts comprises efficient individuals with CITB training, and are currently registered with CISRS.

We make it a matter of our duty not to compromise our employee selection process. This puts the minds of our customers at ease while we manage their scaffolding tasks. Our cumulative experience of over 10 years gives us the expertise and experience in scaffolding to tackle any scaffolding job in Sussex. Need help? Talk to Our Experts We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice.

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We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice

Quality Scaffolding

At Ace Scaffolding Seaford, we’ve stood firmly as a scaffolding company of repute, continually building on our ever-increasing wealth of relevant experience. We have provided our customers in various sectors in the region with unsurpassable scaffolding solutions in recent years. We have completed safe and quality scaffolding systems for wide-ranging projects.

At Ace Scaffolding, we continue to provide quality scaffolding services including multipoint adjustable scaffolding, multi-level scaffolding, independent scaffolding, single-point adjustable scaffolding and other services in Seaford. We are always available to offer our scaffolding expertise anywhere you are in the region.  We value our customers all over and, above all, we ensure that we always supply high-quality scaffolding services to our clients. We have delivered scaffolding projects in different industries for over 10 years, delivering the best possible service. We have delivered scaffolding solutions for many renowned projects in the area, from rail works to construction, airports and so on.

Our customers can vouch for the quality of our service delivery.  As a well-known scaffolding business, we only provide high-quality suspended scaffolding, access solutions and hoists. We are not taking our customer’s satisfaction lightly and so we are always trying to provide our customers with more value. It’s important to state that our management team established their high-level place in the commercial scaffolding sector – offering services to renowned blue-chip firms – so we’re confident in our ability to provide quality scaffolding without hitches.

Competitive Prices

Our services remain cost-effective while providing premium scaffolding services with qualified and certified scaffolders. Speak to one of our experts today to get suspended scaffolding at competitive prices in Seaford. At Ace Scaffolding, we are committed to improving the quality and safety of scaffolds without straining your budget. This is why we employ CISRS-certified scaffolders who can install suspended scaffolds at reasonable prices.


Ace Scaffolding specialises in short and long term hire, scaffold safety, selling of conventional scaffolds, and roof protection for commercial and private uses. We are health and safety promoters; we consistently contribute to developing safety technology to make our scaffolding systems safer. Our experienced team of scaffolders can handle different scaffolding projects such as covering access scaffolds, scaffold handrails, edge protection, scaffold towers, high Street scaffolds, chimney scaffolds, domestic scaffold hire, and commercial scaffold hire, temporary roofs and others.


For 10 years, we have been involved in the supply of top-quality access scaffolding to our clients in the domestic, industrial, and commercial sectors across the South of England. Our clientele includes contractors, builders, painters, architects, window cleaners, railway firms, and security firms.   We can supply you with quality access solutions in any work site you want as we have the requisite knowledge and expertise to design and build complex scaffolding work access platforms.

We design access towers that match your project requirements.  Get in touch today to find out about our access scaffolding platforms for your project. We can help with building, renovation, painting, decoration and architectural inspection. Our scaffolding experts use their considerable experience to give you the right access solutions.   The Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS), Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) and Construction Award Alliance (CAA) have assessed and approved Ace Scaffolding. We are among Seaford’s top suppliers of safety products, scaffolds, and access solutions.

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We have a cordial working relationship with our customers and other contractors, ensuring that everyone is satisfied with our products and services. Our goal is to give our customers outstanding service at all times. The safety and security of our work sites are important to us and that is why we use high-quality materials all the time. Our fleet of vehicles can promptly deliver scaffolding materials and equipment without complications.  Our clients can meet and work safely in difficult to reach places with our expertise.  Our expert and knowledgeable team focuses on providing our customers with quality, protection and security at all times.

We provide a bespoke service that is second to none in the industry. At Ace Scaffolding, we understand the importance of client satisfaction and how it affects business growth.   Putting our clients’ needs first has helped us form lasting relationships; this is evident in the number of return clients we get. We provide a host of scaffolding services for the commercial, industrial, and domestic sectors.   We are always prepared to work on your project with you.


With Ace Scaffolding Seaford, you can have peace of mind that you will get a well-erected suspended scaffold that meets statutory regulations. This is a result of our years of experience in the scaffolding business. We ensure our scaffolding services such as the scaffold system solutions, tube and fitting scaffold comply with the recent TG20 regulations. We complete our scaffolding projects with health and safety regulations in mind.

Safety Standards

Ace Scaffolding puts a high priority on our scaffolders’ safety, and we also consider the workmen who use the scaffolding and the general public. We have a team of scaffolders who are qualified and well-trained.  We not only conform to the approved legislation on health and safety, but we also remain up to date with industrial developments. We are dedicated to delivering safe and efficient scaffold installation and disassembling after the project ends. We have the right scaffold workers to handle everything safely and professionally.

Health and Safety

Our policy on health and safety includes a comprehensive risk assessment system and a standard operating procedure which serves as guidelines for our scaffolding operations. Our suspended scaffolding solutions helps us comply with health and safety regulations. We stay informed on the latest developments in the scaffolding industry and relevant health and safety regulations.

As a full-time member of the National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC), we remain committed to maintaining the best work standards in addition to meeting the stipulated health and safety standards. Our impressive track record is unmet in the Seaford scaffolding business. We also handle projects or works such as local painting and decorating for establishments who place high trust in us because of our uncompromising attitude towards health and safety.

We are registered members of the CITB (Construction Industry Training Board), and we give our scaffolders industry-standard training. With Ace Scaffolding, you always get premium and safe scaffolding solutions. We employ seasoned, talented scaffolders to make sure you get the best solution for your project.

Work Height

To perform their work at heights, painters and decorators need protection and stable scaffolds. We ensure that our suspended scaffolding is placed at the correct height in the right position to prevent damage to the building. We have solutions to safety issues at Ace ScaffoldingX when a worker or material has a risk of falling. Our expansive supply of prevention and protection systems is a ready resource for clients who work at height. We are in charge of supplying Safe Netting, Guardrail and Staircase Access Solutions. We will provide you with an access tower from a foremost UK company, giving you maximum safety and security while working at height.

This commitment to safety makes us an excellent choice for your next scaffolding project.  We remain one of the top scaffolding choices in the entire Seaford area.

Public Liability

Ace Scaffolding has insurance worth XXX million against public liability claims.  We still build protections on our workplaces to further ensure the safety and health of our workers and the general public. In 10 years of delivering premium services, we have completed scaffolding work for various industrial clients; offering customised access solutions without compromising workmen and public safety. We place a high priority on the safety of all stakeholders involved in our service delivery. This inspires us to continue to provide outstanding scaffolding to local and public sector customers.


The specifications of a particular project and the level of speciality required ultimately determine the scaffolding cost. The duration for which the scaffold system will remain operational is another influencing factor. Want to find out more about our rates and pricing? Contact us today to start work on your project.

Hire Rates

Need a short-term, or low-cost long-term scaffold hire?  Seaford Ace Scaffolding is prepared to give you quality without compromises. We deliver excellent service at competitive rates in line with the customers’ exact requirements.

Delivery Rates

We offer competitive delivery rates while ensuring outstanding service delivery. Our service is friendly and accessible, providing you with free quotes, cheap scaffold rates, scaffold access platforms for hire, and a skilled, energetic workforce. With our scaffolding technology, you can easily get accurate and swift quotations.  No more wrong estimates.


Our reputation speaks for itself, and you can know all you want to know about us by calling us today. Our scaffolding team is on hand to field your requests.  If we can’t get to you immediately, this is probably because we have several customers to attend- we will get back to you definitely. You can call our experts on 01323 315 002.


What is suspended scaffolding?

A suspended scaffold is a platform held up by ropes, or other flexible means, from an overhanging structure. It is designed to allow it to be lowered or elevated during use.  Suspended scaffolding is also known as swing- stage scaffold or suspended cradle. It is possible to fabricate suspended scaffolds ahead of time or fashion them from existing scaffold systems.

What is a suspended platform?

Also known as suspended scaffolding, suspended platforms are fabricated height access systems. They provide maximum security for working on the entire surface of a building, allowing different workers to work on the side of a building simultaneously.

What is a two-point suspension scaffolding?

The most common form of suspended scaffolding is a two-point suspension scaffold – often referred to as a 'swing-stage' scaffold. Suspended scaffolding can be adjusted and supported on either end of the platform by ropes and other versatile means to enable high-rise buildings to operate.

How does suspended scaffolding work?

The single-point adjustable scaffold is held up by one rope or cable from an overhanging structure, while the two-point or swing stage scaffold is suspended by two.

Why do we need scaffolds?

A scaffold is a temporary suspended platform that is used in building construction to lift and support construction workers and materials, allowing secure access to the entire building for construction, maintenance or repair works.

How is scaffolding calculation done?

The exact rows of scaffolds that a construction project would need are important to know. To arrive at this figure, divide the overall scaffold height by the height of one section. To determine the number of scaffold sections, multiply the scaffold columns by the scaffold rows.

What is a Hanging Scaffold?

Hanging scaffolding is a temporary frame which is firmly attached to a fixed-length overhead building without any support from below.  It is distinct from suspension scaffolding since the framework hangs rigidly.

What is the cost of a scaffold?

Scaffolding costs for an entire wall can be quite high. The cost of a single side scaffolding is about £XX weekly. You are expected to pay about £XXX, in general. Contact our scaffolding staff to get an accurate quote for your next building project on +44 (0) 1323 315 033.

What is the maximum height possible for a scaffold?

The maximum height for scaffolding is determined under the supervision of a professional engineer because of the risks. Rails, as a matter of necessity, should be installed on the open sides of the scaffold to prevent workers from falling off the platform. The highest rail must rise 40 – 44-inches above the platform’s base. Get in Touch With us for Your Scaffolding Hire Quotes
We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice Where Needed

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