Scaffold Systems in Seaford

For over 10 years, Ace Scaffolding has supplied and installed scaffolding for several projects in Seaford and neighbouring areas, with our expert scaffolders having the technical prowess to complete projects or different sizes. Our team of expert scaffolders have gained substantial experience as they have completed simple and complex projects in Seaford. This has made us reputable for providing excellent scaffolding services.

Among Seaford scaffolding firms, our flexibility and experience are second to none. We always give our clients premium services, and that’s why they keep coming back to us every time they have a scaffolding project. We use a range of ISO 9001 2000 accredited manufacturers’ instruments, including scaffold fittings, leather wear, ginwheels, trench, strongboys, props, spanners, and Jack’s Plastic Goods, all of which are individually tested in compliance with the applicable European and British quality standards.

Scaffolding hire

We provide commercial and industrial scaffolding for hire as premium scaffolding contractors in Seaford, and our services include scaffolding sales and construction for organisations and businesses in the region. You can order precisely the number of scaffolding pieces you need, which is one great advantage of using scaffolding hire vendors. We are your choice scaffolders in Seaford offering scaffolding facilities of the highest standard to both residential and commercial clients throughout all regions. We will give exactly what your project requires, we have experienced experts who can handle your project and deliver to your satisfaction. We ensure our service suits your project needs.

Our scaffolding services are customised to aligned with your project requirements and duration, whether you have a commercial project that needs scaffolding services or you have a domestic renovation project that needs scaffolding services to help site workers carry out their tasks safely, we will ensure your needs are met under the budget and timeframe you have set.


Ace Scaffolding is proud to be one of the leading scaffolding contractors in the Seaford area, offering a wide range of services to the domestic, commercial, industrial sectors.


We always try to do our utmost to provide you with the relevant advice and the best scaffolding facilities for your project anywhere in the Seaford area. At Ace Scaffolding, our team of scaffolders are experienced experts who have been professionally trained in all aspects of the scaffolding industry, they have the skill and experience to deliver according to client’s requirements.

Our scaffolding experts are more than willing to work with other tradesmen, assisting them in completing work on any domestic project. Competitive pricing and attention to detail by our highly professional scaffolders have positioned us as one of the best scaffolding contractors in the business, not just by property developers and tradesmen, but also by homeowners in the domestic sector.

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Every commercial construction project is often complicated and we know that they will require a close attention to details. With project prices ranging from 25000 to 2.5 million for industrial ventures, we deliver a competitive service to the commercial industry. This is done in compliance with the relevant regulations and within the timeline that suits your business needs.


We have over 6 years’ experience in the trade and serve industrial clients and cover everything from small private renovations or extensions, re-roofing projects, large scale commercial works and everything in between and can provide a competitive quotation. We provide a high standard of work and are a reliable and professional service.

Our combination of expertise and experience guarantees complete customer satisfaction at the culmination of every project whether in the domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors in Seaford.

Scaffolding Types

For any project, we can mount secure and effective scaffolding; our scaffolders can complete scaffolding for new construction projects or current building renovations.

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Access Scaffolding

We have worked with many leading contractors and we have done comprehensive work, repurposing main utilities and providing access to stairs for pedestrian walkways. We have worked on several infrastructural projects, ensuring safe and accessible work platforms for bridges across roads and rivers in Seaford.

We strive for excellence in our projects, big or small; our dedication sets us apart and puts us in the prime position for quality scaffolding service delivery within Seaford. Our list of services includes full scaffolding project design service, independent scaffolding testing and installation of scaffolding. All work undertaken is carried out using well maintained equipment of the highest standard and we have an extensive product range to meet all your access requirements.

Decorating Access

Stay safe with a scaffold installation from the experts. Scaffolding provides a safe working platform for decorators and painters to complete renovation on high-rise buildings, helping them access the building’s hard-to-reach areas. Whether repairs and new building projects, we have a reputation for consistency and excellence in delivering quality scaffolding solutions. For hotels and warehouses, we will supply sufficient scaffolding structures so that repair work can be carried out with minimal to no effect on the everyday routine.

Internal Scaffolding

We excel in the internal scaffolding aspects. Internal scaffolding is suitable in cases where ladders cannot get the job done in a safe and proper way. Birdcages can also be used for crash decks during the construction of new builds to stop operatives falling into the building internally. With a range of project expertise from clients of the city authority to multi-million-pound construction deals, if you need an honest and efficient scaffolding builder, you can rely on Ace Scaffolding. We have as part of our customer base, lots of major contractors and local authorities who have used our services in the past and come to us for our high-level reliability and safety.

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Support Scaffolds

We supply hanging and support scaffolds with custom designs for places that are hard to reach. Ace Scaffolding is among the most fairly-priced scaffolding contractors providing access equipment for hire in Seaford. You can rely on our excellent core workforce consisting of highly skilled & highly qualified bricklayers, scaffolders, plant operators, labourers & our second to none supervisors.

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Temporary Roofs

Do you need temporary roofing installed by seasoned scaffolding experts anywhere in Seaford? We have an experienced team to manage all the needs of your client. We can deliver and install safety netting and temporary roofs for long- and short-term contracts. Installing temporary roofs will reduce the risk of working at height. We cover all aspects of scaffolding from small towers to fix a window to big temporary roof structures or new build houses. We pride ourselves in our work and the service we provide to all our customers whether it is a one-off project or a major development with safety being our number one priority. Reach out to us today to start work on your project.

Suspended Scaffolding

We provide competitive pricing and professional scaffolding services by a team of reliable technicians who strive to help you create a safe work environment. With a special emphasis on Seaford, we deliver our services to clients in the entire Sussex country. At Ace Scaffolding, we provide premium and professional scaffolding solutions using some of the best hands in the business who have CISRS and CITB qualifications, and support from a management team having over 10 years of combined scaffolding experience.


We have professional scaffolders that can provide high quality scaffoldings with emphasis on the specifications of the project. Such services include:

Long term scaffold hire

We provide access solutions for projects ranging from large multi-storey buildings for various customers on long-term scaffold hires.

Short term scaffold hire

We are also able to offer short-term scaffolding hire for access to hard-to – reach projects from our well-placed office facilities.

Scaffolding supplies

Not only do we supply scaffolding equipment, we also erect it and completely dismantle it at the end of the project. For customers to buy or hire for their projects in the field, we also provide lightweight alloy towers, trestles, ladders, acrow-props and scaffolding boards.

scaffolding construction

Over the past few years, we have provided wide-ranging scaffolding solutions for entities such as local authorities, universities, schools, county councils, railways, hospitals, and military bases. 

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We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice

Scaffolding Contractors

Ace Scaffolding is proud to rank among the top scaffolding contractors in Seaford, providing creative and safety-oriented scaffolding to projects in various industries. Our 10 years of scaffolding experience has seen us complete numerous jobs in the construction industry.

Scaffold design

All of our designs are safe for our clients, their employees and even the general public. We have what it takes to provide innovative and trustworthy scaffolding designs, thanks to our 10 years of experience creating successful scaffolding designs for both simple and complex temporary projects. All designs produced using AutoCAD with the facility of providing 3D walkthroughs of your proposed project if required. We are able to deliver premium scaffold design for all types of scaffold erections, including those that do not fall under the basic scaffold type as covered in the NASC guidance TG20 08, thanks to the strategic partnership we have with key players in the industry.

Scaffolding erection

We can guarantee your complete peace of mind as well as the safe and stable erection of your scaffolding, as esteemed members of the Construction Industry Training Board and fully insured and licensed contractors. To ensure that no harm is done to the structures, we will ensure that the scaffolding is assembled in the right place and at the right height. Our reliable approaches provide consistency and attention to detail to fulfill the unique specifications of your project. We are flexible and can pretty much be found erecting scaffolds wherever our customer’s request.

Access Equipment

We offer supply and installation of access scaffolding and customized work platforms that match your specific requirements, giving you safe and efficient hire service for access equipment. Ace Scaffolding is one the most affordable scaffolding contractors and suppliers of rental access equipment in greater Manchester and the surrounding areas.



Our extensive scaffolding experience and technical prowess allows us to offer our clients premium services from the initial design stage to the successful completion of their projects. Our aim is to successfully complete work on schedule and on budget for our customers. Every member of our scaffolding team is well qualified and licensed and have had years of training in all fields of Seaford scaffolding to ensure that all our domestic and small works customers continue to be satisfied.

Competitive prices

We believe that not only should a good company be responsive, efficient and successful, but that quality workmanship should also be offered along with reasonable prices on which you can rely. We are proud of our very low rates and make sure to provide a sound and reliable service for all customers. For a competitively priced suspended scaffolding erected promptly by CISRS registered scaffolders with 10 million public liability insurance please contact our friendly and helpful team at Ace Scaffolding.

Quality scaffolding

Our expert scaffolders boast extensive experience in providing scaffolding solutions, and have garnered the expertise to offer customized services tailored to your project requirements. We strive for excellence in all our scaffolding projects, and our welcoming team is always on hand to provide guidance and support. The number of return clients we get and our status as top choice contractors to many of Seaford’s organisations is proof of our dedication to customer satisfaction.


Are you looking for high-quality scaffolding solutions in the market? This is the right place to get what you want. We have a wealth of experience at Ace Scaffolding in the design and erection of scaffolding in Seaford for domestic and commercial properties. We pride ourselves in providing quality scaffolding at an affordable price with our prompt and efficient reliable trained workforce.

We have built a reputation as a top scaffolding contractor by providing quality services over the years. Our goal is to achieve outstanding efficiency and excellent customer service, always ensuring that we comply with all legislation and regulations. We offer our clients personalised services to meet all their project requirements.

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We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice


As experts in healthy and safe services, we are very proud and excited about our successes and joint commitment to advanced safe technology that provides collective support against source risk as opposed to minimizing control measures. When it comes to hiring entry scaffolds, scaffold towers, temporary roofs, high street scaffolds, scaffold handrails, edge protection, chimney scaffolds, and many more for domestic and industrial scaffolding, our scaffolders are willing to assist.


For more than 10 years, Ace Scaffolding has been delivering the best quality access equipment to commercial , industrial, and domestic customers in Seaford. Please get in touch today to find out how we can be part of your project, whether it involves painting, decorating, gaining access to a difficult area, architectural inspections, or general maintenance work, taking advantage of our experience and resources to get access solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Safety Standards

Our operators have CITB and CISRS training, they provide quality scaffolding services in compliance with the appropriate health and safety regulations. Every material we use meets the highest safety requirements and are tested and rigorously inspected periodically.


We carry out every project in full accordance with the health and safety regulations that are applicable. We are the brand of trust when it comes to erecting and dismantling scaffolding systems with the least difficulty and in line with all health & safety rules.

Health & Safety

At Ace Scaffolding, we have an unbeaten health and safety record, a testament to our committed and professional workers. In our role as a scaffolding contractor we also ensure that our team undergo regular in-house training in full compliance with the latest Health & Safety legislation.

Work Height

Our temporary scaffolding structures allow you or your employees to work on a property at height whether it be maintaining, repairing, cleaning or even building safely and securely whilst also following health and safety regulations. Our team members are outstanding, and well trained in the scaffolding business, especially as they have all passed through SpanSet safety courses and NASC safety and access training, as well as NUGO first aid training, all of which contribute to make them a highly successful team.

To ensure the right fit and total safety for all scaffolders and tradesmen working at scaffolding heights, all the structures we deliver are custom-built for the particular building to be worked on.

Public Liability

We own our equipment, all of which are well and truly maintained to a very high standard, while our operations are fully insured up to XXX for employer’s liability and XXX for public liability.


No two projects are the same, which is why the uniqueness of your project will to a large extent determine the cost of scaffolding equipment. The cost would also be impacted by the amount of time you need for the scaffolding and the size of the construction of the scaffolding.      Call us on 01323 315 002 today for advice on your project’s scaffolding needs.

Delivery rates

At Ace Scaffolding, we offer our customers a free, no-obligation site visit, followed by a project quote. Each site has a dedicated Contract Manager who liaises with the customer on a daily basis to ensure that work is done in a professional and secure manner and to arrange each gang of scaffolders.

hire rates

With Ace Scaffolding, you can find scaffolding hire services at affordable rates while ensuring you get quality items. We strive to offer excellence on all our projects, we deliver on time with fair prices to give you the best experience.


If you are looking for scaffolding in Seaford and the surrounding areas please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via our website or calling directly. In all of Seaford, you will not find the quality of services you get from Ace Scaffolding, from our team of trained and committed experts, you always get the latest scaffolding services. We positioned our service outlet and depot network to allow our well-trained and skilled scaffolders to work together with an excellent management team to deliver Seaford premium access services.


What is the most commonly used type of scaffold?

Supported scaffolding is most commonly used and it is the best choice for most building projects. Unlike suspended scaffolding, supported scaffolds are built from the ground up. For building sites, the safety features and effectiveness of supported scaffolds make them the preferred alternative.

What is the difference between scaffold and scaffolding?

The main difference is that scaffold is a platform made from scaffolding, and is used by workers to work safely during any form of construction, whereas, scaffolding is a temporary framework erected to support people and materials during repair or construction work.

What are the main parts of scaffolding?

Scaffolding is composed of three primary components: ledgers, transoms, and standards. The standard arrangement is a long pipe or tube that connects the scaffold ‘s mass directly to the ground and extends the whole length of the scaffolding.

How long does Scaffolding take to erect?

It takes from 2 to 48 hours to assemble your scaffold, depending on the type of scaffolding and its complexity.

How high can Scaffolding go?

Top rails for scaffolds manufactured and put in service earlier than January 1, 2000 can rise to heights of 0.9 meters (36 inches) and 1.2 meters (45 inches).

Do you need a permit to erect scaffolding?

To install scaffolding that invades or stretches over a public space, you may require a permit; the local authority of the project area grants the permit to the scaffolding contractor of charge of the construction.

How do I obtain a permit to erect scaffolding?

The scaffolding companies are expected to apply for the permit on behalf of their clients. In order to ensure public safety, site-specific requirements can be applied and each application is considered on an individual basis.

Can I use a ladder on a scaffold?

It is unsafe to use a ladder on a scaffold. The main point of using a scaffold is to eliminate the risk of injury associated with using ladders on such projects. Putting the ladder on top of the scaffold is an increased risk over placing it on the floor or ground as intended.

How dangerous is scaffolding?

Working on scaffolding can be dangerous, it can lean to many accidents if not handled safely. The leading cause of accidents and injury falls in the construction has been scaffolding, and statistics proves and confirms this.

Who is responsible for scaffolding?

The responsibility for ensuring that the scaffolding itself is safe rests with the scaffolding company, who should also undertake regular safety checks, but it is the construction company’s responsibility, and the individual user’s responsibility to ensure that it is used safely.

When should scaffolding be used?

A scaffold used for construction should be inspected before it is used for the first time and then every 7 days, until it is removed. When the structure of the scaffold is changed or the scaffold is exposed to harsh weather conditions, these are the reasons that make the inspection of scaffolding essential.

Are scaffolds safe?

The key issue to safety when working on scaffolding boils down to whether or not the scaffold is safe to work on. This means working on scaffolding that has been erected by trained professionals under the supervision of a competent person and that the scaffold has been properly inspected before use.

How much should a scaffold support?

A scaffold system must be able to support, without failure, its weight and a minimum of 4 times the maximum load to be applied on it during use.

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