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Scaffolding in Seaford

Ace Scaffolding offer a comprehensive range of scaffold products and services, including: lightweight aluminium scaffolding kits, tube and fitted scaffold boards, pipe clamps, roof access platforms and suspended platforms. We are more than just a scaffolding company. We can also supply full scaffold consultation and design. Our large client list includes residential estates, councils and factories, to name but a few.

Ace Scaffolding is one of the leading scaffolding services in the Seaford area. We offer free quotes on all projects and an experienced team to erect scaffolding on sites in Seaford. We are proud of the safety record we have established over the years which proves our commitment to health and safety and demonstrates our integrity. At Ace Scaffolding, we provide our clients with equipment that meets all regulations and industry standards.

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We stock all types of scaffolding Access Scaffolding

Need a scaffold tower, access platform, working platform or any other type of scaffolding for your project? Ace Scaffolding offers a wide range of leading scaffolding systems, from support scaffolds to temporary roof scaffolds and access towers. Our huge range of options means you can find a system that best suits your budget and requirements. We are suppliers to the trade and to residential projects.

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Scaffolding Services

Our scaffolding services in Seaford

Ace Scaffolding teams are fully qualified to provide complete scaffolding products and services, as well as bespoke scaffolding if required. If you require any further information about our products and services, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01323 315 002! Ace Scaffolding provides professional scaffolding services all over Seaford. We have our own fleet of vehicles, scaffolding depot and scaffolding engineers to ensure a job is completed safely and efficiently. Our team are friendly, enthusiastic and provide a high level of customer service. We take great pride in our work ensuring that each scaffolding job is completed to an exceptionally high standard for the satisfaction and safety of our customers.

If you need temporary access to work at height on a site, hiring scaffolding is a great way to provide safety and stability. If you are looking to hire scaffolding and work at height safety equipment, we have top-of-the line scaffolding equipment for any job. You can hire by the day with us, keeping the costs down. We will pick up the scaffolding when you are done with it.

Ace Scaffolding are your scaffolding hire specialists for long projects throughout Seaford.

We stock a wide range of scaffolding systems and  innovative modular solutions for merging together to create larger configurations. We also have a vast selection of movable access towers available for hire, so you can keep them on site and wheel them to where you need them. At Ace Scaffolding, we only provide top quality scaffolding  and safety equipment.

Long term scaffolding hire is perfect for complicated building projects. Having the right scaffold on site means that construction workers can make more efficient progress.

Ace Scaffolding is a leading industry supplier of scaffolding products and accessories for use in commercial, industrial and residential construction. As a reliable supplier we pride ourselves on our service. Ace Scaffolding supply will help you solve any work height access issues you may have on your project, and provide the hardware to make your work safe.

We provide scaffolding solutions from design to erection… No matter what you’re erecting—from a single storey extension to a major high rise project—we can help you.

With a reputation and safety record you can trust, our team of highly-trained scaffolders can erect your scaffolding so it is safe and fit for purpose.

Our friendly scaffolding dismantling experts will remove your scaffold quickly, hassle free and for a competitive price. We will ensure you don’t have scaffolding on site when you don’t need it, by coming when you call to say you are done with it. All our crews are highly trained, work safely and efficiently using the best specialist equipment on the market.

Ace Scaffolding is a full service scaffold company. We set up, repair, and remove scaffolding for you. We consult with you and design scaffold solutions to meet the challenges of your job. We pride ourselves on our ability to consult with you and design scaffold solutions that meet the specific needs of your project. From simple domestic scaffolding to complex commercial projects, Ace Scaffolding has the people to help.


Scaffolding inspection to ensure your compliance and safety

When we inspect your scaffold systems we do an in-depth review and series of tests to ensure your scaffolding systems are safe and in good condition. Our Certified Inspector will review the design, installation and components of your scaffolding. If any issues are found, they will be meticulously documented. This allows us to identify any repairs needed, and help you ensure you are complying with all laws, safety standards and regulations for work at height.

Scaffolding Edge Protection

Ace Scaffolding is designed for quick and easy setup, while providing a durable and reliable edge protection system – protecting workers from falling off of surfaces. We also try to keep stairways inside scaffold towers and to minimise the need to climb long ladders.

Our Keen Focus On Safety

Our scaffolders are trained to use the equipment, and they receive regular reviews to make sure they are always up-to-date on their training. This is not only for safety but is also an important part of ensuring quality workmanship. They are skilled in working safely on scaffolds, which will give you peace of mind when having us help to facilitate your building projects. We have a strong commitment to health and safety.

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What OurCustomer Says

Excellent service, arrived on time and were such a polite bunch of guys. In and out in a flash and as soon as I was done with the scaffolding they arrived to de-construct. Would highly recommend to friends, family and anyone else who needs their services!

- L J Wren

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What makes our scaffolders different?

At Ace Scaffolding, we take great pride in  being specialists in the scaffolding industry. Through a constant commitment to quality, service and investment in our people, coupled with good working relationships with our clients we provide the best possible solution for your project. Ace Scaffolding has been setting the industry standard for over 10 years so that professional tradesmen can work safely and efficiently. We understand how important it is to adapt to your business and the challenges you face, which is why we always try to understand your exact requirements and tailor our scaffolding solutions to you.

Our bespoke scaffold designs

Ace Scaffolding have been designing and constructing bespoke scaffolds for over 10 years. Our experienced teams will design, fabricate and install bespoke scaffolding to your exact requirements. Each project is individual, with each customer or site having its own distinct requirements. We work with you rather than selling you an off the shelf scaffold.

Public liability insurance

Ace Scaffolding has built an outstanding reputation in the scaffolding industry, by providing excellent all-round service to our customers. We are proud of our company and the quality of work that we undertake each day. We carry public liability insurance cover to protect all stakeholders.

Professional and committed staff

We are passionate about delivering the best scaffolding hire service in Seaford. It is our people -- our professional, committed and caring team -- that make us so successful. Our offices and depot in Seaford serve the whole of Sussex.

Our project gallery

Take a look at our gallery of completed scaffolding projects to see what we can do.

Scaffolding For Renovations

If you have a large or difficult renovation project, consider Ace Scaffolding. We offer a full line of scaffolding solutions that enable you to work from any angle, at any height, and on any surface. Whether you’re working on a residential or commercial renovation project, we have the ideal platform for your needs.

Scaffolding for building sites

Ace Scaffolding is a premium scaffolding supplier that combines high quality scaffolding with an extremely convenient and easy to use delivery, erection, dismantling and pick up service. We can help you do your building work and roofing more efficiently.

Why choose Ace Scaffolding? 

Experienced staff

Ace Scaffolding only hires experienced scaffolders and knowledgeable customer service staff. Scaffolding is always our business - not a side-line. So you can be confident that you will get the best scaffold hires, supplies and advice at a competitive price and delivered on time.

Quality scaffolding products

Ace Scaffolding offers durable, high quality scaffolding products, a full line of work platform accessories and scaffold towers. Ace Scaffolding carries a variety of different scaffolding accessories for your workforce to safely and effectively complete their tasks.

We work on big and small projects

Ace Scaffolding is there when you need it, with huge equipment for the biggest jobs and small scaffolding kits for home improvement projects or tradespeople. If it needs to be scaffolded, Ace Scaffolding is here to help.

Competitively Priced

We believe we can beat our competition on price and service. We are knowledgeable and available for you when you need scaffolding designed or supplied. The Ace Scaffolding owners have established a scaffolding company that focuses on a few areas: competitive prices, safety, credibility, quality and service. Ace Scaffolding prides itself on its reputation for superb value for money scaffolding services in Seaford.

Scaffolding Health And Safety

Health and safety is of paramount importance, and Scaffolding industries need strong health and safety guidelines. Our range of scaffolding guarantees both strength and stability, ensuring that when you can work at height and follow best practice; you are safe. Ace Scaffolding offers health and safety guidelines to scaffolders, contractors and specifiers, including Scaffold Safety regulations and best practice protocols.

Scaffolding quote over the phone

Ace Scaffolding now offers a convenient way to estimate the cost of your scaffolding project by giving us a call on 01323 315 002. Alternatively, pop us a message. All you need to do is enter some basic information about your job. We will then use this information to give you a quick estimate of the materials that you will need.

Get a free scaffolding survey for your project

For a comprehensive quote we will do a site visit and survey. Ace Scaffolding can give you an outline price for your scaffolding job by simply phoning our 01323 315 002 but a survey is needed.. Once you confirm your interest we will organise a site visit and survey, where we take measurements and discuss materials and configurations that are best suited to your needs. We will then confirm the final quote, delivery schedule and agreements for assembly, dismantling and pick up.

Get a quote for scaffolding from an Ace scaffolder. Ace Scaffolding succeeds where others just talk. We have experience and insight that will bring your project in on time and on budget. Use our free, no obligation online quote service to find out roughly how much scaffolding costs. Or call us now to find out more info or to book a site survey for free.

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